Suzanne Jongmans Makes Art From Insulation and Packing Materials

Many artists can become quite particular about the materials they work with, but with Suzanne Jongmans, the materials she uses are inseparable from her art.

She has been creating 'Foam Sculptures' of collars and caps that draw deeply on the style of Dutch and Flemish 'Golden Age' paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries. For those unfamiliar with this period and style of painting, it was characterized by Classical aesthetic standards -- life-like proportions and color-composition -- and was inspired by the lives of actual, living people, rather than Judeo-Christian or Graeco-Roman historical and mythological figures. Essentially, it was a deeply humanist movement. Artists like Rembrandt and Jan de Bray epitomize the period.

Jongmans's sculptures are made from packaging and insulation material, which are usually discarded after they are used. They are excellent examples of upcycled art.