These Surreal Images from GMUNK Play with a Viewer's Expectations

 - Sep 19, 2016
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GMUNK, a digital director and visual artist with an impressive past of projects for clients like Samsung, Microsoft, adidas, Audi and Vimeo, recently released a series of surreal images that he lensed and edited during the summer of 2016.

Travelling across the United States, the creative captured some stunning landscapes. In doing so, he used a "custom modified Full-Spectrum FujiFilm X-T1 IR, a grip of LifePixel Super-Color Infrared Filters and some Vintage Nikon Manual Focus lenses." This enabled him to adapt the colors into something completely different from what one might expect to see -- swapping the cold greens on mountains for a psychedelic coral tone, or turning skies to a dystopic-looking orange. While some of the surreal images are taken over by a variety of tones of a certain color, others are completely contrasting.