Katie Holmes Dresses Daughter Suri Cruise in High Heels

 - Dec 2, 2009
References: telegraph
When we first featured high heels for babies, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Yeah right, no one would buy those." Well, Katie Holmes sure proved me wrong.

She bought kiddie kitten heels for her daughter -- she says they're ballroom dancing shoes. Of course, with something as controversial as this, there’s been quite a fuss in the media, but so far Katie’s response to the buzz around Suri Cruise in high heels has been pretty relaxed. "She, like every little girl – she loves my high heels."

Every parent has to make his or her own choices, but I hope Katie Homes books her little girl a toddler pedicure, because those pictures of Suri Cruise in high heels already hint that the 3-year-old (yes, three!!) has red feet, and some sites are even saying she’s forming bunions. Ouch!