Superfast Energy Gum Provides Consumers with a Quick Burst of Energy

 - Aug 11, 2016
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The UK-based company Superfast Energy Gum claims that its products can provide consumers with an instantaneous burst of energy. While there are a number of other caffeinated chewing gums on the market, this brand features a double-layered design that helps to release energy faster than comparable products.

Superfast Energy Gum is made from a combination of caffeine and B vitamins to give consumers a powerful boost of energy. What sets the brand apart from similar products is a unique design that keeps two layers of active ingredients apart so that the product can begin to take effect the second it is chewed. The added vitamins and minerals also help to provide a longer-lasting energy boost so that consumers get more out of each piece they consume.

By combining the breath-freshening properties of chewing gum with the boost of caffeine found in a cup of coffee, Superfast Energy Gum provides consumers with an easy and refreshing way to refuel.