'Superabundant Atmosphere' Brings the Sky to the Ground

 - May 29, 2013
References: jacobhashimoto & mymodernmet
Bringing clouds down to the earth, artist Jacob Hashimoto created an installation called 'Superabundant Atmosphere.' The sculpture consists of an abundance of pseudo-kites strung together to create a surreal mirage. With the help of five assistants, Hashimoto created the beautiful installation with silk and bamboo. Pieces of white handmade silk cloth were attached to bamboo frames. The kites were then suspended from the ceiling at variable heights to create an amazing effect.

With lights beaming down from the ceiling, Hashimoto's installation looks like a cloud shielding your eyes from the sun. The sculpture was arranged to look like it is rising and falling to further augment the appearance of a cloud. In addition, the use of silk means that the lights shine through it while diffusing elegantly.