Shades That Let You Read People Better

 - Jan 14, 2010
References: yankodesign
Finally, here comes a device that allows you to talk to your good friend with that annoying voice face to face without actual having to hear their voice. Introducing the "Emmerse" -- a device that is built into a pair of super specs that literally allows you to see what the person you are conversing with is saying.

Not only that, but they display the emotions of the other person (whether they’re using an angry tone or not) as well as identify objects in your peripherals by using little icons. How cool is that?!

These super specs also come with a wristband that allows you to type in text and it is then projected aloud by an automated voice. With super specs you’ll now be able to fake sincerity so you’re girlfriend will really think you adored that chick flick. On a serious note though, super specs may just revolutionize communications for the deaf and dumb.