Thousands Choose 'Real Dolls' Over Women

 - Oct 16, 2007
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Believe it or not thousands of men are willing to part with $6,500 to get the Rolls Royse of love dolls from Real Dolls which had $2 million in sales last year. Some men have websites dedicated to their love dolls and consider it a legitimate lifestyle choice.

This as artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands predicts that there will be Human â€" Robot Marriage by 2050 “I now pronounce you man and machine, you may kiss the interface.” Sure why not? noted, "Like many born in the sun sign Cancer, Sidore is a homebody, but then, she couldn't leave the comfort of the bed she shares with Davecat even if she wanted to because Sidore is a 100-pound solid silicone Real Doll. Go ahead. Flinch at the notion of a man having sex with an imitation woman and classify him: lonely loser. Pathological creep. Misogynist... Sicko. True enough, some men who have sex with Real Dolls are creepy, the kind of guys you wouldn't want to be alone with. But not all. Many are simply lonely -- some tragically so."

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