'Super Old Men' by A Morshedi Shows a Wonderful Depiction of Old Heroes

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: behance.net & lacarpa.tumblr
If you've ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite hero aged like a normal person, 'Super Old Men' will help you get an idea. Batman is a human so we can understand why he would have a gray beard, but Superman is Kryptonian and they don't age like humans do. Seeing Superman with salt-and-pepper hair and a dark gray mustache really puts him into perspective.

These creative illustrations don't include the heroes' eyes so there aren't any wrinkles or major signs of aging other than their hair. Their bodies are also still very shaped and muscular. Only that single detail -- gray hair -- identifies with old age in these illustrations.

Behance user A Morshedi created these terrific drawings using very angular edges to emphasize the masculinity and strength of the heroes and these 'Super Old Men' still look like studs. Perhaps these illustrations are sending a shout-out to everyday elderly heroes who are always looking out for others and guarding youth with their wisdom and years of experience.