Kelsey Kronmiller Constructed a Super Mario Aquarium

 - Jun 22, 2014
References: imgur & technabob
Imagur user Kesley Kronmiller recently shared her amazing Super Mario aquarium, which she and her boyfriend custom built, with the online world. The entire fish tank is inspired by the iconic video game Super Mario and is level-themed. While there is an underwater level in Super Mario, they stuck to the game's overall aesthetics instead to be more relatable to onlookers.

The tank features the video game's quintessential green pipes and its castle and flag that are seen at the end of every level. Most of the scene was made with LEGO bricks and the tank's glass was painted to look like a gamer's screen, with stats on levels reached, coins collected and lives left.

Building a tank like Kronmiller's is a fun activity for video game enthusiasts, children and fish lovers alike.