These Deceptively Serious Ads Show 404 Glue's Ability to Mend Broken Toys

 - Jul 1, 2014
References: adeevee
These ads for 404 Super Glue make some sort of medical situation seem quite severe, although the patients who are in dire need of attention include a doll, a robot and a superhero toy.

The somber ads communicate that thousands of toys each year are rendered useless due to mistreatment. However, no matter how durable a toy is designed to be, it's impossible to make it totally kid-proof, which is what makes super glue so great to have on hand. The limbs of these broken toys that need immediate medical attention have been put put away in organ boxes for later reattachment. Thankfully, super glue is able to work its magic pretty quickly, so these toys should be ready to play again in no time.