iPhone Trism Worth $250,000

 - Nov 26, 2008
References: demiforce & edition.cnn
According to a CNN report, former ATM software designer Steve Demeter made $250,000 within two months from a game he created for the iPhone called Trism. The game costs $5 to download.

Yahoo! reports that low-cost hardware for game development has been made available to "bedroom developers" and that anyone who has desires to make their own game should "give it a shot." I agree. 

In looking at Trism, games do not have to be filled with blood, guts, and violence to sell. It’s apparent that people still love having their minds engaged by challenging puzzle games. 

Do you have any game ideas in your head? If so, you could be the next Steve Demeter, who quit his day job after his successful Trism game took off, and runs his own development company called Demiforce.