Stussy x World Workers Collection Crafts Stylish Comfort Clothes

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: & slamxhype
One of the collections I'm looking forward to is the Stussy x World Workers Collection, which is impressive and shows a fairly different style than what most have come to expect from Stussy.

The Stussy x World Workers Collection has both brands revisiting their partnership, which clearly worked the last time around. This season, the collaboration has produced a comfort-wear aesthetic that's perfect for the winter. Both Stussy and World Workers are focusing more on craftsmanship this time around. The brands will be releasing flannels, hombre shirts, seamless old denim pants and jackets. Overall, the designs are simple and substitutes graphic images that Stussy is known for in favor of monochromatic tones. However, there are beautifully patterned graphics on the interior of the tops that nicely tie everything together.

For comfortable, high-quality outfits, the Stussy x World Workers Collection is one to look out for.