The StudioGorm Camping Stove is Highly Portable and Resourceful

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: studiogorm & tuvie
Forget those heavy propane tanks and embark on your wilderness adventure with the StudioGorm Camping Stove. The convenient cooking contraption consists of a pot for holding and mixing your meal and a combustion chamber that fits snugly inside to save space in your backpack.

Take the two apart and position the tall saucepan on top of the wood-burning capsule. A small opening is wide enough for you to load it with twigs and tiny sticks but keeps flames sufficiently enclosed to ensure that your contained campfire stays ablaze. A double-walled composition for both objects reduces heat loss and makes the StudioGorm Camping Stove not too hot to the touch. Its clever features heat your food quickly with only a small amount of fuel.