Studio Roosegaarde’s Intimacy 2.0 Turns Transparent When Use

 - May 1, 2013
References: & springwise
Studio Roosegaarde Intimacy 2.0 is quite easily the best relationship gift imaginable. This lie-detecting suit turns transparent when the wearer is lying.

Netherlands-based design group is setting out to expand Intimacy 2.0 to a range of business attire for males.

Although I am unclear on who is going to buy and wear this suit willingly, I am most certain that it will be gifted to others numerous times.

Designers used smart e-foils that are naturally transparent, "but turn cloudy when light from LEDs are refracted through them. The dresses were connected to sensors that could detect the heart rate – when their bpm hit a certain point, the LEDs were turned off and the material became transparent," explains Springwise.