Kate Fichard Covers Her Street Portrait Subjects in Everyday Objects

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: katefichard & junk-culture
French photographer Kate Fichard gets her street portrait subjects to cover themselves in significant objects that symbolize culture, life and everyday moments.

Entitled 'Totem de Vie,' the photography series showcases people whose individual identities are hidden as their faces are concealed, yet more subversive cultural elements are on display for viewers to interpret. Each item holds meaning to the subject, thus by being worn, the everyday objects turn the people into totems, or symbolic figures, of their own lives. Pots and pans, musical instruments, soccer balls and leafy twigs are some of the items that some might view as clutter while others would view them as the junk that fills their lives.

The 'Totem de Vie' street portrait series by Kate Fichard demonstrates how different lives are deeply impacted by items.