The Street Chandelier by Werner Reiterer is Romantic and Decadent

 - Feb 22, 2012
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The Street Chandelier is something every suburban neighborhood could use. Although its opulent existence may be more fitting for a mansion or concert hall, it would add a sense of delightful decadence to everyone’s day. The Street Chandelier shows that a person can make every moment a special one, even those moments that seem more mundane than the rest.

Created by Austrian artist Werner Reiterer, the Street Chandelier is a unique application of his original 2006 chandelier creation, Untitled, that was exhibited at the 21c Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. While that one was hung from a makeshift wooden pole and pulsated whenever a new visitor passed it, the Street Chandelier dangles from an actual lamppost in a parking lot.

Beautiful and ornate, the Street Chandelier sheds a romantic light.