The Stone Forest Natural Bathtub is Carved from a Single Boulder

 - Jun 11, 2016
References: stoneforest & dudeiwantthat
The majority of bathtubs are made from porcelain and metal, but the Stone Forest Natural Bathtub is a stone bathtub that's crafted to perfection from a single boulder.

The Santa Fe-based Stone Forest brand creates the Natural bathtub by carving the interior space from a solid piece of granite or, if desired, marble. The tubs are carved as they are ordered to allow customers to customize the drain placement or any other small variance that's desired.

The stone bathtub can be ordered in either 60 or 72-inch models with the final details up to the customer to detail before the order is fulfilled. The Stone Forest Natural Bathtub is overtly heavy in design and can weigh anywhere between 1600 and 2600 pounds.