Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Quenches the Thirst Down Below

 - Sep 11, 2009
References: lightningdrink & cakeheadlovesevil
Steven Segal is the master of many things, from martial arts to crime drama films and overacting. Now you can add energy drinks to that list. Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt energy drink will change your life (or just make sure you don’t fall asleep).

According to the website, "Steven Seagal traveled to Asia searching for the ingredients for Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt." And now you can enjoy the fruits of his labor. Available in either ‘Asian Experience’ or ‘Cherry Charge,’ each flavor was tested and approved by Steven Seagal himself! I am wondering if they taste like him? And if not, do you think Steven Seagal will personally serve one to me?

Check out the gallery, and take a look at these beauties for yourself. (Note the Steven Seagal face on the cans. Priceless.)