Landon Meier’s New Mask Scarily Mimics Stephen Colbert

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: hyperflesh & rsvlts
Artist Landon Meier who’s known for his creepy baby masks, Walter White from Breaking Bad mask and Charlie Sheen mask has done it again, this time choosing to immortalize Stephan Colbert in a disturbingly realistic face mask.

The artist managed to capture every wrinkle and patch of pink on the late night host’s face. The hair is detailed right down to the multiple brown tones and gray accents. The mask is so eerily life-like, it’s as if the artist skinned Colbert’s face off.

If you enjoy going that extra mile when it comes to dressing up in costumes, then this creepy Colbert mask is perfect for you. It’s ideal for costume parties, talk show-themed parties, celebrity cosplaying and just good old fashioned scary pranks! Go ahead and see if you can fool anyone in this mask!