The Stella Revolving Shelf Spins for Varied Access and Exposure of Items

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: constanceguisset & leibal
It seems that many designers understand shelving units as wall-adjacent objects, but the Stella Revolving Shelf does not demonstrate such a constrained consideration. Constance Guisset has created a storage system that can be quite delightfully positioned in the center of a room. This piece is light, visually permeable and affords access on every side.

Six stacked ledges make up the Stella Revolving Shelf: these are held together by a framework of three thin metal rods that penetrate each of the circular surfaces and terminate at the broad, uppermost one. Grab hold of any of these components and gently spin the unit around. If you should decide to that you would rather place Guisset's design in the corner, you can at least rotate it to discover the items stashed towards the back.