Check for Calls and Messages Safely on the Road with Steer Safe

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: kickstarter & bookofjoe
Most people are guilty of checking their phones in the car and it isn’t exactly danger-free; however, with the Steer Safe, things may change.

The Steer Safe is basically a smartphone dock that gets mounted to the steering wheel of a car, so if you’ve ever fumbled around trying to find your mobile when it’s ringing in the car, this little invention will take care of that problem. It also makes it easier to answer the phone, check messages and look over missed calls because it’s always fixed within arms reach. The inventors also promise that it won’t affect the deployment of airbags, which is a nice extra safety feature that many will appreciate. There’s still a slight risk of danger, but I think this is the safest way to go when it comes to dealing with mobiles in the car.