The Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt is Out of This World

The Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt will bring the outreaches of the universe into your garment collection. Embellished with an authentic NASA space photograph, this skirt allows individuals to sport a real piece of outer space in style.

The image, which was taken from the famous Hubble Telescope, shows a breathtaking array of stars and light clusters in actual existence up in space. Ladies will no longer have to wish upon falling stars or have to look up at the sky to enjoy the beauty of the stars. Now they can simply appreciate the beauty of the natural night sky, while dressed to the nines in this adorable high-waisted garment.

With actual credit going to NASA for the starry night photographs, ladies wearing the Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt will bring a little bit of outer space within Earth's reach.