The StandUp Desk Can Be Used By Both Children and Adults

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: gizmag & kickstarter
Standing desks have lately received a lot of attention in the working adult world, but the Standup desk also takes into account a group of people who also spend a lot of time sitting -- children.

It's generally accepted that sitting is bad for our health, but children still end up sitting at desks while in school and while doing their work at home. In order to combat this problem, Jaswig has come up with StandUp desk.

This desk comes in three different sizes, each of which come with an extra storage shelf located underneath. The correct desk size depends on the user's foot-to-elbow length measurement. The desk easily pops into position and is locked with a bar.

The StandUp desk may just lead a revolution in kids' health, seeing as how it enables kids to do their work while avoiding sitting for long periods.