Stan Lee’s Mighty Seven Turns the Famous Comic Writer into a

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: geektyrant & mightymega
Stan Lee’s Mighty Seven cartoon is due to be released this year, and a sneak peek of the superhero series has hit the Internet. The new animated series stars Lee as himself as he struggles to create a new comic series and set of superheroes for Archie comics. On a walk through the desert to clear his mind, he happens to stop an alien spaceship crash-landing and meets the seven aliens on board, who give him the inspiration he needs for his new comic book characters.

The sneak peak of Stan Lee’s The Mighty Seven shows Stan Lee’s first meeting with the Mighty Seven as they lament being stuck on a primitive planet like Earth. They continue to talk with each other until the whir of helicopters alerts them to danger as the government swoops in to take them away.