These Ultra-Durable Jeans Repel Stains and Odors

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: facebook & kickstarter
'ODO' recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a line of stain-resistant denim. When it comes to denim, the only real reason to wash a pair of jean is because of stains or unpleasant odors. This denim repels both strains and smells so that you never have to wash your jeans again.

ODO Denim is a line of jeans that are both stain-proof and stink-proof. The denim is able to resist stains from substances such as coffee, wine and condiments thanks to its unique design. The material boasts an engineered surface that contains billions of microscopic peaks. These ridges reduce the contact area between the spilled substance and the surface of the denim, thereby preventing the stain from setting. The denim is also made with silver-infused threads, which help to fight odors at the same time.

The smell-proof and stain-resistant denim reduces the need to wash each pair of jeans, thus helping consumers conserve water.