SST Typeface Translates Seamlessly Into 93 Languages

 - Jun 16, 2017
References: myfonts & digitaltrends
Monotype, a Massachusetts-based font design company, has recently released a new font called SST Typeface. In English, the font might not look noteworthy in any way — however, that lack of distinction is very intentional. That's because SST Typeface is designed to be as universally legible as possible, with a font collection that can seamlessly write in 93 languages without ever missing a character.

When trying to communicate online between multiple languages, polyglot users will often find that certain characters are not available in their chosen font from one language collection to another. This forces people to rely on multiple fonts that may or may not translate to all operating systems (let alone the graphic sins that end up being committed by constantly switching font families.) SST Typeface solves this problem, providing a single, easy-to-read font for nearly 100 languages.