SsD Architects' 'Cloud' is an Interactive Sound and Light Sculpture

'Cloud' is a sound and light sculpture created by SsD Architects. The piece reacts to weather and human motion. When the temperature drops, the LED geometry becomes orange and fire-like as it crackles like a fireplace. When it rains, the sculpture makes the same sounds as water droplets and creates blue patches of light.

When people are near it, it will follow them and whisper to them with an eerie, human-like voice. The whispers tend to be environmentally focused with words such as stratosphere, cycles or compost. According to SsD, the whispering "invites the public to participate in what is now a public secret.'"

The experience is never the same, as the sounds and lights react differently based on the groups and individuals that observe it. This futuristic cloud brings us closer to nature and the atmosphere.