SRS Energy Sole Power Tile Blends in Seamlessly

 - Aug 10, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: greenupgrader
These images above are of the SRS Energy Solé Power Tile in action--a creation that is poised to revolutionize consumer solar power generators as we know them.

Traditionally, solar power generators come in the form of giant panels that draw instant attention by the virtue of their bulk alone. The SRS Energy Solé Power Tile system, however, looks just like a darker version of the curved roof tiles that millions of homes already have.

Implications - This is a clever innovation because the Sole Power Tile integrates clay tile in order to maintain the aesthetics and physical depth of a roofline, while adding a strong current of inventive electricity generating technology. The company's partnership with US Tile makes this kind of upgrade simple by combining it with a standard roof purchase.