The 'Squarespace 6' Platform is an Easy to Customize All-in-One Blog

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: squarespace & fastcodesign
The 'Squarespace 6' platform revolutionizes the way you express yourselves through online by making everything drag-and-drop-easy.

Sqaurespace allows you to put an Instagram picture next to a Vimeo video, which is in turn next to your text, all through drag and drop. These different elements may be adjusted in size by grabbing the corner and pulling inwards or outwards with the help of widgets. Even different blog posts may be customized in look, so that there is no standard layout that must be followed. All of this is possible through LayoutEngine, a special platform designed just for Squarespace. The problem with Tumblr and Pinterest is that publishing written content and your own editorial is unfavourable and limited, given their image-heavy nature. This is the exact opposite of Wordpress, where publishing is easy, but photo and video content is hard to incorporate.

Gone are the days of needed extensive design or code knowledge to build beautiful portfolios. Squarespace truly puts ease and impeccable design potential into your hands.