Splashlife to Become AARP for Young Americans

 - Mar 20, 2009
References: takepart
Devoted to empowering young people to take action for social change, Splashlife is a fresh non-profit aspiring to become an "AARP for Young Americans."

The youth-targeting organization was co-founded by Melissa Helmbrecht Martin, Chairman and CEO. Her personal experience in volunteering since the tender age of 15 transformed her life and spread meaning to her endeavors, not to mention invaluable aid to numerous homeless women and children. Her vision is "to engage young people in service as a way for them to respond to and cope with adversity."

Scheduled to launch in September 2009, Splashlife’s inaugural campaign is "Hunger and homelessness in America," which will be carried out in association with EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof). The latter non-profit was actually started by Splashlife co-founder and producer Peter Samuelson in order to provide affordable mobile shelters to the homeless.

When times are challenging, hope comes from the youth. Splashlife opens a warm embrace to young people and offers the support they need in order to realize the all-time aphorism that children are the future; hopefully and with some inspired guidance it will be a brighter future.