The Spiritual Mode BEIGNET Tub is UFO-inspired

 - May 21, 2012
References: spiritual-mode & dornob
The Spiritual Mode BEIGNET Tub is a modern reinvention of the old-fashioned water basin. This UFO-inspired bath tub was born from Spiritual Mode's pursuit to design a more futuristic version, while still maintaining a traditional Japanese style.

The BEIGNET combines the open concept in hot tubs, soothing jets of a Jacuzzi and the utility of a shower. Despite its use as a shower, this tub is not designed to work with a shower curtain, so you better be willing to bear all. A particularly strange trait of the tub is the fact that it has no sides; instead of sides, the tub features smooth curves that form the apron of the tub. Made from dual-steel side faucets and a series of semi-circular bubblers, this tub is equipped for multi-person use.

All you have to do now is run yourself a bath, take a dip and get ready to launch in your saucer-shaped soaker.