The Spiral Corn Kerneler is A-maize-ing

 - May 15, 2011
References: canningsupply & incrediblethings
Does eating corn on the cob make your clean kitchen messy? Do the corn kernels get stuck in your teeth? The Spiral Corn Kerneler is an uncorny solution to all of your corny problems. This cutting-edge invention cuts the kernels off your corn cob so that you can enjoy cobless kernels with cutlery on your plate.

The round contraption fits around the cob, and an inside blade slices the kernels off and into a catch container when you forcefully press it down. It's the perfect solution for messy kids or toothless grandparents, and will keep your kitchen kernel-free and clean.

The Spiral Corn Kerneler is an innovative and easy way to veg out on veggies.