The Spellbound Spring/Summer 2012 Schmiechen Editorial is Indirect

The Spellbound Spring/Summer 2012 'A Long Walk' photoshoot presents a distant and for the most part obscured look at model Pauline Schmiechen. The title references the casual stroll taken by Schmiechen as she weaved throughout Starbucks shops, theaters and passing street cars.

Benjamin Lindenkreuz's camera and skills were essential to A Long Walk. The photographer opted for a far-off approach, displaying stylist Lisa Trautmann's assortment of pea coats, turbans and relaxed native sweaters in an out of focus manner. In this way, Schmiechen's eclectic style and couture apparel are all visible, but are far from the primary focus of the Spellbound snapshots. Instead viewers may find an array of busy cosmopolitan activity, the very platform wherein seasonal fashion statements are most frequently made.