Spark Notebooks Cater to Those Who are Serious about Success

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: thesparknotebook & kickstarter
Technology executive Kate Matsudaira had been on the hunt for the perfect productivity planner for 10 years until she decided to build her own -- the Spark Notebook. The Spark Notebook combines a life planner into the compactness and functionality of a notebook.

After interviewing dozens of fellow notebook aficionados, Kate launched a Kickstarter campaign to make her Spark Notebook dreams a reality. The initial goal of $14,000 was blown out of the water by a grand total of $138,572 in pledge donations.

The Spark Notebook has also developed two sibling products: the Spark Planner and Spark Meeting Notes. The planner is a productivity guide complete with yearly goals, achievement planner, monthly goals, 30 day challenges, and weekly goals, while the Meeting Notes book is optimized to help those held up in meetings all day to retain the most information possible.

High demand for the Spark Planner has led to a complete sell out for the year of 2016. Spark Notebook products can be purchased on its official website.