Cine Cubano in Soup Magazine #2 Features a Troubled Starlet

Model Nadine Strittmatter is a troubled movie star for photographer Steven Lyon in Cine Cubano in Soup Magazine #2. The exceptionally gritty editorial features Strittmatter on a movie set smoking between takes.

Later images in the photo shoot highlight some of her inner troubles -- a theme that's taken even further once the model faces her demons with alcohol and drugs. The series brings to mind troubled female stars who've dabbled in drugs, including Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan and the late Anna Nicole Smith.

Karl V provided the styling for the editorial and did an excellent job of encapsulating the wardrobe of an unpredictable woman. Nadine Strittmatter's perfect pout, slightly disheveled appearance and inimitable edgy attitude bring this Soup Magazine #2 pictorial to life.