The Orange Sound Amplification Headphones Let Musicians Hear it All

 - Jan 22, 2016
References: orangeamps & geeky-gadgets
Musicians require the functionality to hear the most minute details in a song or recording, so the Orange 'O' Edition sound amplification headphones are designed to do just that.

The headphones feature a neutral EQ response that allows musicians to hear everything exactly as it is to pinpoint what they'd like to change, remove or augment. Ideal for use on sound stages, the Orange 'O' Edition headphones are naturally great for filmmakers as well to hear the audio feedback as it is recorded on-set.

Although the Orange 'O' Edition sound amplification headphones aren't touted as being noise-cancelling, the specially designed cushioned closed-back earcups allow for natural noise isolation. Although availability is unknown at the time of writing, it's certain many musicians and artists alike are going to be eager upon release.