The Tragic Consequences of SOPA-Censorsed Memes

Chris Moheny gives an insight into what the Internet may soon look like with these SOPA-censored memes. Many are protesting the Protect IP and SOPA bills that allow the government to censor the Internet in hopes of reducing piracy.

Imagine a world where Advice Dog can't give you his deeply profound knowledge and you can't tell what Leonardo DiCaprio is squinting at. The future may also hold Giorgio A. Tsoukalos being unable to share his alien antidotes while looking like a crazy homeless man who spent to much time at the beach. If SOPA is not brought down, Hipster Hitler will no longer be allowed to show off his "Death Camp for Cutie" shirt.

While these SOPA-censored memes are humorous, the originals are even better. Hopefully we can look forward to a world where memes flow like the Mississippi River.