This App Provides the a Meditative Soundtrack for Sleeping

 - Sep 15, 2015
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'Pzizz' is a new app that provides soothing white noise to help even the most restless user get a good night's sleep. For those who have trouble falling asleep, ambient noise can be extremely beneficial. This app provides a meditative soundtrack that helps to induce deep and peaceful sleep.

To use the app, the user simply taps the start button. Pzizz will then begin cycling through a meditative soundtrack that helps users to relax and eventually fall asleep. Unlike other ambient noise machines, Pzizz generates a brand new track each time it is used. For those who are interested in specific tracks, the app allows users to customize and personalize their playlist.

The app provides soothing white noise in a manner that is ideal for restless sleepers or those who suffer from insomnia.