The Sony Bravia XEL-1 OLED Is The Thinnest TV on the Market

 - Mar 27, 2009
References: sony
The days of searching for huge TV stands, or needing someone to help us to move our TV sets, are long gone.

The Sony Bravia XEL-1 OLED is currently the world’s thinnest television on the market. Jonathan White, head of televisions for Sony UK said, "It is the sort of product that people who have to have the latest technology will be interested in. At this very top end of the market, these sort of products are almost recession proof."

Features speak for themselves: the screen is less than 1cm thick and 11 inches wide. It comes in two parts, a thin (3 mm) display panel, and a slim stand weighing 1.9 kg.

The picture quality and contrast are amazing thanks to cutting edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, and the set is energy efficient, consuming up to 40% less power than conventional LCD panels.

The Sony Bravia XEL-1 OLED is every man’s dream… thin, light and beautiful.