The ‘Sonte Film’ Lets You Turn Your Window Opaque from Your S

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Transforming ordinary windows into high-tech panes, the ‘Sonte Film’ allows you to control your window’s opacity with your smartphone. Instead of buying expensive smart glass, the film applies directly to your existing windows. When connected to your smartphone, the film allows you to let more or less light in.

By simply toggling a button on the smartphone app, Sonte Film turns your window opaque. At its transparent form, 30 percent of light is blocked. However, when opaque, 95 percent of light is blocked from entering your room.

The film works by turning opaque when an electric current is passed into it. With a Wi-Fi device connected to the film, an accompanying app can choose when to send a current. Since the signal is being sent over the internet, the window film can be controlled from anywhere