The 'Something I Ate Food + Art Event' Visualizes Daily Eating Habits

On Friday, April 29th, the 'Something I Ate Food + Art' event was held at the Rouge58 gallery in Brooklyn, New York, to showcase the eating habits of local artists.

The event was organized by Kat Popiel from the food & culture magazine ‘On Plate, Still Hungry’ and Sam Kim of ‘SkimKim Foods.' Participating artists were asked to record their daily meals for a week and then turn them in to an edible work of art for the 'Something I Ate Food + Art' event.

The 'Something I Ate Food + Art' website describes the reasoning behind the event, stating, "The idea is that from food, we derive pleasure, satisfaction, energy and inspiration, and these elements, whether cognizant of them or not, ignite our creative fires."