Khalili Engineers' Pipe System Converts Sea Water into Drinking Water

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: khalili-engineers & mymodernmet
Khalili Engineers are the creative minds behind a desalination system called 'The Pipe' that features a specially designed oceanic solar pipe that is able to convert salty sea water into fresh drinking water. The pipe is aimed to sit just outside of Santa Monica, California and provide clean water to the local area.

'The Pipe' is essentially a massive tube chamber that is covered on the outside with panels that harness the sun's energy. The power is utilized in the desalination process to properly filter the water. The exterior of 'The Pipe' is covered in an innovative mirror material so that the tube seamlessly blends into the environment, rather than causing distortion due its large size and shape. 'The Pipe' can also be visited by guests to use the thermal baths and water services on-board.