'Solar Electric Sculptures' Bring Beauty and Energy to Communities

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: archinect
Michael Jantzen's 'Solar Electric Sculptures' are an attractive way to bring green energy to communities. One of the most common complaints about green energy infrastructure, be it a solar farm, a wind farm, or a dam, is that the projects tend to be unattractive. By turning sustainable power infrastructure into public art, the Solar Electric Sculptures solve that issue.

In terms of appearance, the Solar Electric Structures' jointed legs and parallel feet make them look like athletic, as though the entire solar panel is gathering force to leap forward. That powerful stance, one of dynamic potential, is a metaphor for the potential energy that gets stored inside the sculptural devices.

Since the Solar Electric Sculptures are works of public art, they are most likely to be set up in and around communities, raising awareness for the importance of sustainable energy.