This Soft Exoskeleton Suit Reduces Muscle Load

 - Mar 9, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Sensorimotor Enhancing Suit is a soft exoskeleton suit that enhances sensorimotor functions by reducing the load on muscles in specific areas of the upper limbs. Despite being free of electronic motors, heavy batteries and pneumatic actuators, this suit effectively helps people carry very heavy loads.

The system was crafted together by calculating the movement of human muscle using a computer and measuring the maximum point of human sensorimotor function. The exoskeleton suit was then developed in such a way that it improves sensorimotor performance during use.

Importantly, it is designed to be inexpensive, easy to wear and uncomplicated to maintain.

This exoskeleton suit could have a wide variety of applications, from helping those who perform physical labor in extreme conditions to improving quality of life for the elderly.