ThinkGeek's Olde Book Pillows Let You Curl Up with a Soft Book

 - May 15, 2014
References: thinkgeek & technabob
ThinkGeek's Olde Book Pillow Classics are definitely the kind that will put you to sleep with their ultra soft book covers. So, if you're someone who frequently falls asleep with your face in a book, this is a far better way to go about it.

ThinkGeek's series of snooze-worthy classics includes Sherlock Holmes and Treasure Island, two pillows that look like closed books, as well as an open-faced book edition of Alice in Wonderland, printed with some of her story.

The entire set of three pillows available for $50 and hopefully they will inspire dreams as adventurous as the original stories are. If they didn't look so soft, you might have even been able to get away with napping on one of these book pillows in class.