Soey Milk Depicts Subjects with Pale Skin & White Hair

It is a rarity to see albino subjects in paintings, so for artist Soey Milk to render an entire series featuring white-haired pale-skinned people, it's a no-brainer that her collection would stand out. Adding a unique twist to her images, she depicts Asian subjects with eccentric fashion styles. This ensured viewers wouldn’t ignore her masterpieces no matter how hard they tried.

But to relegate Soey Milk’s paintings as just depicting "Asian albinos" wouldn’t be an entirely fair assessment, since there are so many other elements to her pieces. Audiences will notice gothic motifs in her work like skeletons, foreboding backgrounds and crimson apples that provide visual flair. She also frames her portraits in ornate borders, completing her fantastical compositions and providing onlookers with escapist viewing experiences.