New Sodium-Ion Battery Technology Could Revolutionize the Energy Industry

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: & liliputing
As modern lifestyles rely more and more on technology and electricity to be sustained, the development of new, more abundant ways to obtain and store power are being required, so the new Sodium-Ion Battery technology that's being tested in France is said to be a cheaper alternative to traditional Li-ion battery varieties. Li-ion batteries have dominated the market because of their ability to hold a longer charge, but the new research behind the Sodium-Ion Battery technology brings hope that they can perform as well as the lithium-based varieties.

A Sodium-Ion Battery is easier to produce because sodium is so much more abundant in the natural environment. However, because it is heavier than lithium, a Sodium-Ion Battery would be difficult to implement into smartphones or other technology of this kind. The report notes that Sodium-Ion Battery technology could be fruitful for usage in the solar energy sector to help store energy offsite for gradual usage.