Sockets Push-Up Accessories Reduce Joint Strain and Risk of Injury

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: quirky
There is now one less excuse to avoid floor-based workouts: the Sockets push-up helper. Of course, the plank-pose exercise can cause a great deal of discomfort in several muscles throughout the body -- including the head. At least these doodads prevent you from doing the more dangerous damage to your wrists.

The set of Quirky-made products comes with a pair of soft non-slip handgrips that are braced by concave polycarbonate knuckle protectors. These domed shapes each sit within a stabilizing ring that causes the partial ball and the deep disk to meet and move like human joints. In use, the Sockets push-up supports reduce the bend in your wrist but they pivot slightly as the weight through your arms fluctuates. This action is better for your bones but makes your core muscles work a little harder.