Ello Presents the Anti-Identity and Anti-Facebook Social Network

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: news.en.softonic & motherboard.vice
Ello is the anti-identity social network that challenges the thriving concept of Facebook. It's been predicted that Facebook users will steadily begin to decline within the next three years, which raises the question: who will take down the controversial social media giant and take its place?

Enter Ello, the private social network with an anti-establishment mentality. Fed up with other social network cluster ads and using the identity as a product, the creators decided to step up and bring about a better alternative. "We built it specifically with creative people in mind, people who value content, with a good bit of discussion and dialog happening around that content," a spokesperson said.

Ello features a minimalist design, no ads and no user data collection. The logo is a simple black smiley face with no eyes, reaffirming the anti-identity concept. It removes the advertising platform other social networks are reliant on, and lets you connect with friends and engage the very ideas we use social networking for.