The 'Social Impact of Olympic Brand Campaigns' Shows the Pay-Off

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: pappasgroup & fastcodesign
The 'Social Impact of Olympic Brand Campaigns' shows that it is worth it for corporations to get involved with the Olympics through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

It is no secret that today's society is all over the web at all times on the day. This infographic gives evidence that reveals the implications of this cultural phenomenon -- companies can benefit from inserting themselves into this cyberspace. For example, from the last 2008 Beijing Olympics to now, the number of Twitter users has grown from six million to 500 million. This exponential growth is not totally matched by the social immersion of companies, with the chart citing 36 percent of top corporate sponsors using the hashtag and 27 percent launching a campaign Twitter handle.

There is ample space for organizations to participate on the digital scale -- it would be wise to do so for the next Games and take advantage of the sheer volume in users.